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What is a giclee print

What is a giclée print?

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A giclée is a fine art print created by using a specialized high resolution inkjet printer. Compared to conventional printing, giclée prints stand apart with their extremely high level of quality, longevity and value compared to a standard print. The quality of a Giclée print is thus far superior to all other forms of reproduction printing. Gisclée’s are therefor also more expensive to produce compared to conventional printing. One of the main reasons is the cost of the materials used in the printing process. Giclee printers use high-quality, archival-grade inks and high-quality canvasses (or papers) to produce images that will last for decades without fading or yellowing.

Giclee vs orignal comparison

How do Giclée prints compare to the original paintings?

The quality and similarity colors between the original paintings and the giclée prints are impressive due to the high quality if photography, resolution, and printing. You can judge by yourself by the looking at the example shown below. Here we compare the original painting (acrylic on canvas, format 120x120 cm) of “Tango child”, with the analogue Giclée print (90x90 cm) of the same painting shown below.

Limited edition, what does it mean?

A limited-edition print is a copy of an original artwork that is created a set number of times (as opposed to an unlimited run). All my art works measuring 90x77cm and 120x90 cm are reproduced a maximum of 25 times and numbered consecutively from 1-25. An example is “13/25”, where 13 means the consecutive number and 25 is the maximum number in the series.All my art works measuring 80x60cm are reproduced a maximum of 40 times and numbered consecutively from 1-40

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Limited edition, what is it
Wha is a stretcher frame

What is a stretcher frame?

The Giclée prints on this website are delivered as canvas rolls only. The inner supporting frames, called stretcher-frames are not included in the standard deliveries of Giclée prints on this website. This is because sending paintings or Giclée prints on stretched canvasses is very costly, due to the need for much bigger and more sturdy protective packaging. Also, the insurance for such shipments is costly. This would make the prints significantly more expensive, and my aim is to enable you to buy more artwork instead of paying for a lot of packaging and insurance.

This means that you must arrange yourself to mount the canvas on the stretcher. You have the following options:

  • 1) Buy the stretchers that fit to your purchased Giclée print on this website [Click here for more information].

  • 2) Purchase the stretchers yourself locally in the right size.

In both cases you may decide to either mount it yourself or go to your local art shop and ask them for help to do it.


If you watch these YouTube videos you can learn how to mount a canvas on a kit of stretchers  click  here  or  here

There are several ways to fold and finish the corners. You can look up other alternatives on the internet. Here is a link to several alternatives.

What are the sizes of canvas rolls

What are the sizes of the canvas rolls sold here?

Gic DN151 Contemplation DtoD-front.JPG

The giclée prints on this web shop are delivered in four different formats:

  • 80x60 cm

  • 90x77 cm

  • 90x90 cm

  • 120x90 cm

These measures are the size of the Giclée prints after they have been mounted on an inner wooden stretcher frame, which decides the displayed size of the print when it hangs on the wall.

In order for making it easy for you to mount the canvas on the stretcher frame (se separate video/guidance in the above section) you need some extra canvas to bend around the stretcher frame. This makes it possible for you to fix the canvas conventionally with stapples on the back side of the stretcher frame. The Giclée-picture area has therefore been expanded also to cover the sides of the mounted canvas. Outside the expanded print is further a grey border which is designed to be visible only on the back of the mounted print. The dimensions of the 4 formats of Giclée canvases are given in the list below:

Stretcher size 80x60 cm (depth=1,7-2,2 cm)     - click here to see available product
  • Canvas format after mounting on stretcher: 60x80 cm

  • Size of expanded print area: 85,3x65,3 cm

  • Size of grey area and total canvas: 90,3x70,3 cm

Stretcher size 90x77 cm x (depth=1,7-2,2 cm)   - click here to see available product
  • Canvas format after mounting on stretcher: 90x77 cm

  • Size of expanded print area: 95,4 x 82,6 cm

  • Size of grey area and total canvas: 100,4 x 87,6 cm

Stretcher size 90x90 cm (depth=1,7-4,0 cm)  - click here to see available product
  • Canvas format after mounting on stretcher: 90x90 cm

  • Size of expanded print area:  99,4 x 99,4 cm

  • Size of grey area and total canvas:  104,4 x 104,4 cm

Stretcher size 120x90 cm (depth=2,5-4,0 cm)   - click here to see available product
  • Canvas format after mounting on stretcher: 120x90 cm

  • Size of expanded print area:  129,4 x 99,4 cm

  • Size of grey area and total canvas: 134,4 x 104,4 cm

How to buy original artwork

How to buy the original artworks?

Original artworks are not sold on this platform. You are always welcome to contact me and ask for the availability or price of one of the original acrylic paintings reproduced as Giclée-prints.

Retun policy

Return Policy for Giclée prints

Return requests must be submitted within seven (7) calendar days from the date of delivery. Return requests received outside the stated return period(s) will not be accepted.


Return shipments must be arranged through Volkvard and shipped in their original packaging (including all accompanying certificates received with the order)

Customers are responsible for return shipping costs unless otherwise stated.

Refunds will be processed back to the original form of payment once the artist receives the artwork. All refunds will be subject to the exchange rate at the time of processing, and funds will be remitted in Euro. Returns will not be accepted for any artwork that has been stretched, cropped, or altered in any capacity after purchase.

To start a Return Request, please use the Contact Us Form

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